Getting Started


Install and update using pip:

$ pip install -U yaclog


For detailed documentation on the yaclog command and its subcommands see the Command Reference.

Example workflow

Create a new changelog in the current directory:

$ yaclog init

Add some new entries to the “Added” section of the current unreleased version:

$ yaclog entry -b 'Introduced some more bugs'
$ yaclog entry -b 'Introduced some more features'

Show the current version:

$ yaclog show

- Introduced some more bugs
- Introduced some more features

Release the current version and make a git tag for it

$ yaclog release 0.0.1 -c
Renamed version "Unreleased" to "0.0.1".
Commit and create tag for version 0.0.1? [y/N]: y
Created commit a7b6789
Created tag "0.0.1".